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Chairman message

Mr. Dai Zexin is the founder and current chairman of Youcai environmental protection resources Technology Co., Ltd.

After 17 years of hard work, Dai Zexin and his "Youcai resources" ushered in their own "Fanghua" era from planting a seed of entrepreneurship in that year to successfully landing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in September this year.

This is a seed with tenacious vitality, this is a seed with magical power. Every step of its growth confirms the power of scientific innovation. For more than ten years, Dai Zexin, chairman of Youcai environmental protection and Resources Technology Co., Ltd., has dug deep into the "rich mine" of textile recycling, and let the once unimportant waste textiles "break the cocoon and regenerate", which has not only opened up the road of circular economy in the textile industry, but also filled the technical gap of producing high-quality colored polyester staple fiber with polyester textiles in China.

With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption patterns, many people's clothes have changed from "not enough" to "not enough". According to statistics, over 20 million tons of waste textiles are produced in China every year, but the recovery and recycling of polyester fiber started late, resulting in serious waste of resources and solid waste pollution.

How to overcome this problem and pick the "fruit" at the top of the industrial chain of circular economy?


As early as 2003, Dai Zexin focused on the "treasure" of waste textiles. No industry standard? Then we should do a solid research! For more than ten years, Dai Zexin and his scientific research team have been "drilling" with the spirit of Yugong moving mountains.

Dai Zexin was often misunderstood as the "king of rags" because he wanted to recycle old clothes and cloth. People said that he dealt with rags all day. But he ignored other people's comments and plunged into the rags to do his own research. Soon, he found that there are three main bottlenecks in the recycling of recycled waste textiles: "the standards of waste textiles are not unified, there is no perfect recycling system, and the physical quality of fiber products produced by traditional spinning technology is poor."

In order to solve these problems, Dai Zexin and his research team participated in the key research and development project of the 13th five year plan of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China - high efficiency and flexible preparation technology of physicochemical recycled polyester fiber, and were responsible for the key technologies of physicochemical recycled polyester industrialization, such as high performance liquid phase viscosity homogenization of recycled polyester fiber products, spinning and molding of recycled polyester staple fiber, etc.

Physicochemical spinning technology can achieve efficient regeneration from fiber to fiber, which not only has lower cost, but also has comparable performance with the original polyester. Dai Zexin still remembers the scene when this set of technology was first used in the workshop. "It requires machines to continuously produce finished products, and we constantly debug them according to the problems of the finished products."


In order to make the product more perfect, Dai Zexin also took the initiative to send the samples to customers and modify them according to their requirements. "At that time, the core team of 20 people rushed into the workshop all day, and lost 4.5 million yuan in the commissioning stage, just to produce high-quality products. It also lays the foundation for us to win high-end customers. "

Dai Zexin has never regretted this "investment.". Aiming at the high-end, improving technology, promoting chain supplement, chain extension and chain strengthening, Youcai resources are marching towards the high-end of circular economy industrial chain.

Independent research and development of high-tech, so that a large number of enterprises occupy a leading position in the field of industrial segmentation, in the industry "invisible champion" occupy a place. In fact, for many years, the secret behind Jiangyin entrepreneurs' steady development is to adhere to scientific and technological innovation.

The same is true of premium resources. In the process of development, Youcai resources actively carried out industry university research cooperation, and established industry university research cooperation relations with Jiangsu University, Nanjing Institute of technology and Donghua University.

On the one hand, in view of the recycling of waste textiles from upstream raw materials, enterprises take root in the recycled polyester industry, constantly carry out technology upgrading and product innovation, and constantly develop new products and technologies in the field of polyester fiber recycling. On the other hand, aiming at the "green and recycling" of downstream polyester products application scenarios, the enterprise has laid out a low melting point fiber market with the advantages of recyclability and low volatility of organic compounds, and is committed to creating a closed-loop material flow mode of "resource consumption product renewable resources", so as to realize the full recycling of textiles from raw materials, processing, application, waste to regeneration.

With the continuous deepening of school enterprise cooperation, cutting-edge technology makes the once humble waste textiles "beautiful regeneration". The products of excellent color resources have now been widely used in engineering nonwovens, civil carpet, environment-friendly sound insulation and noise absorption decorative materials, automotive and high-speed rail interior materials, functional composite special fibers, clothing fabrics, etc., which promote the development of textile recycling market development.

With the support of science and technology and the guarantee of scientific research funds, Youcai resources won the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 2018 for its "efficient regeneration of waste polyester and industrialization integration technology of fiber preparation". At present, Youcai resources has 120 national patents, 7 high-tech product certification, and participated in the formulation of a number of industry standards.

On September 25, 2020, with the successful listing of "Youcai resources" on the main Board of  Exchange, Dai Zexin welcomed the joy of ringing the bell. He said with a smile that he finally "became".

Dai Zexin has been planning this "listing dream" for five years. Looking back on these five years, Dai Zexin is quite pleased. In the past five years, excellent color resources have grown from small to large, realizing "butterfly change". "Although we have encountered difficulties in capital, technology and other aspects in this process, we have successfully solved these problems under the cooperation of industry university research and the continuous" logistics supply "of government departments."

When the CSRC made its last statement, Dai Zexin said passionately: "with the help of the capital market, capital and technology are" flying together "to promote the development of enterprises, which is the purpose of our listing."

Listing, for enterprises, is just a new starting point. How to give full play to the guiding role of the capital market to enable the development of enterprises? Dai Zexin has a deep heart.

"Stick to the main business, deeply cultivate the green circular economy, develop more new green fiber materials, replace the traditional materials in the past, reshape the concept of green environmental protection and low carbon of new fiber materials, and contribute to the country's green water and green hills!" Dai Zexin hopes that after the government "supports" the enterprises, it can "give them a lift". "The listing of enterprises is a transformation. We hope that the government and relevant departments can further" add weight "to modern enterprise management and risk control, so as to make the development of enterprises more healthy and sustainable."