Elite Color EnvironmentalResources Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Business areas

Founded in 2003, Youcai environmental protection and Resource Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R & D, production and sales of polyester fiber and its products. The company has 12 production lines of recycled colored functional composite polyester fiber, with an annual recycling capacity of 150000 tons of waste polyester textiles. It is one of the first batch of "green" products required by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and textile and chemical fiber product development center Color fiber certification "one of the enterprises. As a national R & D and production base of renewable colored fiber new materials, Youcai resources always adheres to the leading development of science and technology. The company has established "Jiangsu pet and nano material composite fiber engineering technology research center" and "academician Yu Jianyong workstation of Chinese Academy of Engineering". It has successfully led the formulation of three Association standards and participated in the 13th five year plan of the Ministry of science and technology - "renewable fiber" Polyester fiber efficient preparation technology "project, a number of technologies to break the foreign monopoly, a number of products to fill the gap at home and abroad.